Turtle Air

Q: How long will I need to be in therapy? A multitude of factors go into determining the length of treatment. The initial problem or reason, your goals, your background and personality, and current life situation are all factors. It is not easy to give a definitive answer in the first session, but I will collaborate with you during your sessions and track progress.  We will set definite goals early in therapy which will serve as a barometer to your progress. I have had experience working with a client for few as 4 sessions where their initial goals were completed and therapy was successful. Other times clients have a more difficult history, and due to the volume of “stuff” to deal with, therapy is a more of a journey. Typically, clients feel they see some improvement within 3-4 sessions.

Q: Some therapists seem to be more effective than others. Why is this? Effective therapists incorporate evidence based practice, they’re dynamic and create a safe space and build a therapeutic alliance with clients. These therapists have the ability to connect and communicate on a deep level with their clients. They also seem to be able to effectively collaborate with their clients and check in to ensure the client feels that progress is being made.  Insight, humor and attentiveness are some of qualities I provide my clients.

Q: There are so many therapists out there, how will I know which therapist is right for me? It should only take a single session to know if you like a therapist. Some questions to ask yourself are: Did you feel listened to? Did you feel this person was polite, friendly, professional? It is very important to feel that your therapist “gets you”, because without a connection you may not feel comfortable being honest, open and vulnerable and these qualities are essential to progress.

Q: How do you know you’re getting high quality therapy? Effective therapists stay up to date on current research, they are dynamic and are able to form strong therapeutic alliances with their clients. They’re are able to empathize, understand and communicate effectively with their clients, consistently making sure that progress is being made and change is happening.  Kindness, humor and attention are some of the qualities I offer my clients.

Q: How will I know this is working? Initial goals are set in the first few sessions on therapy. This is a collaborative effort, so we set goals and track your progress together. I will frequently touch base with my clients to ensure that we are headed in the right direction.  We will typically discuss the differences we see from the initial visit as well as acknowledging when movement towards resolving initial problems has occurred.